Ben Breedlove This is My Story

Have you heard about Ben Breedlove? Breedlove created the popular OurAdvice4You channel on YouTube in November 2010. He would give out relationship advice to his viewers and interview family members and friends. On May 23, 2011, he launched his second channel, BreedloveTV, a companion channel to his first, where he would answer questions about dating, relationships and advice.

As of 29 December 2011 OurAdvice4You has a total of 38 videos, and nearly 60,000 subscribers, and BreedloveTV has 17 videos and almost 20,000 subscribers.

A third channel was created by Breedlove on December 18, 2011, entitled TotalRandomness512. This channel is the host of the two-part video, “This is my story“, which has since become viral.

If you haven't wathced thses videos, they are touching. Sadly Ben died on Christmas 2011 a week after his last video.

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